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PayabKowsar Construction Company was incorporated and registered with Tehran Department of Companies & Non-Commercial R21Institutions Registration in 1996. The main objectives of the Company are designing, providing consultation services and performing construction operations such as dam, tunnel and underground structures construction and the other types of constructions works.Read More


 According to the latest certificate of contracting competency issued in 2012, the competency of this Company is established for performing contracting affairs concerning road and transportation (first class), water supply (first class), construction and building works (second class), installations and equipment (fifth class) and industry and mine (fifth class) according to the standards stipulated by the President Deputy Strategic Planning & Control.

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The main services and activities are as follows:

  • Water industry
  • Tunnel and Road constructions
  • Buildings and Retaining of urban structures
  • Sealing and cutoff wall in dams
  • Industry and mine and Rock blastingMore Details

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  • Address:No.232, Fifth Golestan st., Pasdaran Ave., Tehran
  • Tel: +98 21 22585449 - 22549131 - 22549133- 22543555 - 22543575 - 22543363
  • Fax: +98 21 22553471

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